How can I see how many Views my Ad has had?

There are a couple of different ways. To see the total number of views there is no need to Login. Simply visit your Ad page. The total number of views is next to the Views icon To find it, try the Quick Search feature The other method is to Login to your account. Go to…

How do I delete an Ad?

To delete an Ad, simply Login and on the account Dashboard go to ‘Your Ads’. Select the Ad that you would like to delete. Click on the Delete icon

How can I add a Product to my Favorites?

Oh yes, as we look for interesting Products and Browse, we often see products that we would like to save and revisit. You can do this by adding the Product to Favorites. To add to Favorites, select the Ad and under Ad Action select . You can View all your Favorites from your account Dashboard…

How can I Compare Products?

Oh yes, we often find many similar products that we would like to compare before making the final purchasing decision and contacting a seller. Select the Compare icon to add a product to the comparison list. Several items can be added to the list.

How do I upload a picture?

As you publish an Ad, there is an option to simply drag and drop a picture. If using smartphone or table, you have an option to upload an existing picture <i class=”et-upload”></i> or simply take a picture and publish it immediately.