How do I renew my Ad after it has expired?

Login and on the account Dashboard, go to Your Ads. On the Expired ad select Edit . Edit any details as you wish and select Renew Ad. It didn’t sell? Consider: Promoting the Ad, an Auction, Giving it Away or Tips for Sellers.

How do I price my product?

Look for similar products to get a sense of how much they are selling for, after that it is really a personal decision. Often how the product is described, sparks more interest from Buyers. If you are still not sure, try placing an Auction Ad rather than just a Selling Ad to gauge how much…

Will my listing expire?

Yes, listings have an expiration date of 120-days. Why? Because communities thrive when they keep fresh and a healthy turnover or products is a good thing… Hey, it didn’t sell? Perhaps you should consider lowering the price, better picture, add video, promote the add or simply give it away and let others enjoy it!

How do I create a video listing?

Video listings are Cool and bring your Ads to Live, Good Thinking! YourBlast provides you with a method to include a Video for your listing by linking to a published video in YouTube or Vimeo .

When does my ad expire?

Login and go to your personal dashboard. In Your Ads section all your ads are displayed with a column labeled Expires. This is when your ad expires.

How do I sell?

Selling is very easy. Simply Create an account and Verify your email address. Select Submit Ad and complete the form, Upload a picture (recommended) and include a Video link if you wish; and Publish.