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Buying, Selling, Trading doesn’t have to be boring, Have a Blast!

YourBlast is a Popular and Fast Growing community Fascinated by all
the Amazing Products we all have in our Lives.

Every Product has a Story, and we Value every one of them. Their Story is
not over, Bring it back to Life!

Sell, Rent, Trade, Auction or simply Give it Away for someone else to enjoy.

Promote Yourself!

Signing up is as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Select Login or Publish Ad
  2. Select Register and enter Email and Password
  3. Check your email and Verify your account  

Signing Up

No, you are not required to publish your personal address. The address field in your profile dashboard is meant to be a Product address so it can be located in map searches rather than your personal address. The Product address can be a meetup location.

No, you don’t have to publish your phone number, you can communicate with Buyers and Sellers using the Chat feature within YourBlast.

The exchange of Addresses and Contact numbers to meet or discuss a listing, is entirely at the discretion of Sellers and Buyers.


Yes, in YourBlast you can include a video link to YouTube or Vimeo . It really adds Excitement to your Ad!

Video listings are Cool and bring your Ads to Live, Good Thinking! YourBlast provides you with a method to include a Video for your listing by linking to a published video in YouTube or Vimeo .

Login and in your personal Dashboard , select My ads and find the ad. Checkmark ‘Sold’.

Look for similar products to get a sense of how much they are selling for, after that it is really a personal decision. Often how the product is described, sparks more interest from Buyers.

If you are still not sure, try placing an Auction Ad rather than just a Selling Ad to gauge how much interest there is.

Also see Tips for Sellers

Login and on the account Dashboard, go to Your Ads. On the Expired ad select Edit . Edit any details as you wish and select Renew Ad.

It didn’t sell? Consider:

Promoting the Ad, an Auction, Giving it Away or Tips for Sellers.

Selling is very easy. Simply Create an account and Verify your email address. Select Submit Ad and complete the form, Upload a picture (recommended) and include a Video link if you wish; and Publish.

Login and go to your personal dashboard. In Your Ads section all your ads are displayed with a column labeled Expires. This is when your ad expires.

Yes, listings have an expiration date of 120-days.
Why? Because communities thrive when they keep fresh and a healthy turnover or products is a good thing…

Hey, it didn’t sell? Perhaps you should consider lowering the price, better picture, add video, promote the add or simply give it away and let others enjoy it!

Types of Ads

On YourBlast you can publish the following type of ads:

  • Sell
  • Buy
  • Auction
  • Rent
  • Trade (exchange)
  • Gift (give away)
  • Job Offer
  • Job Wanted
Popular topics

Almost but not quite. Please see the Prohibited Items Guidelines.

Yes, Rent is one of the Ad Types that you can submit. Many of us would love to enjoy a Product once in a while, without having to buy it for several hundred or thousands of dollars.

Likewise, there are owners that may rarely use it and would love to rent it for extra ‘pocket money’.

As with any other Ad Type on YourBlast, the terms of the agreement to rent is entirely between the owner and renter.

Yes, YourBlast has an App by popular demand currently being tested for the Google and Apple App Stores. Coming Soon!

But no need to wait, our online portal is adaptive to mobile devices where you can publish products directly from your smartphone or tablet, including taking a picture and directly posting to your Ad.

Oh yes, as we look for interesting Products and Browse, we often see products that we would like to save and revisit. You can do this by adding the Product to Favorites.

To add to Favorites, select the Ad and under Ad Action select . You can View all your Favorites from your account Dashboard .

Oh yes, we often find many similar products that we would like to compare before making the final purchasing decision and contacting a seller.

Select the Compare icon to add a product to the comparison list. Several items can be added to the list.

There are a couple of different ways.

To see the total number of views there is no need to Login. Simply visit your
Ad page. The total number of views is next to the Views icon

To find it, try the Quick Search feature

The other method is to Login to your account. Go to the Dashboard.

In the Visits Chart pull-down menu select the Ad. A Graph will be displayed of visits by day.

Sharing an Ad in Social Media is easy. Simply go to the Ad and under Ad Action select Share

You can share the ad on Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and many more.

Adding a Negotiable banner to your Ad is Free. When an Ad is created, simply checkmark the “Is Negotiable” option.

To delete an Ad, simply Login and on the account Dashboard go to ‘Your Ads’. Select the Ad that you would like to delete. Click on the Delete icon

Login and go to the account Dashboard . Go to ‘Your Ads’ and select the Ad to edit. Under Action select Edit icon

Your Ad expiration date is displayed under ‘Expires’ in the ‘Your Posted Ads’ section of the account Dashboard .

As you publish an Ad, there is an option to simply drag and drop a picture. If using smartphone or table, you have an option to upload an existing picture or simply take a picture and publish it immediately.

If you can’t find the right product for the right price, try posting a Buy ad and let others contact you.

Owners may often have just what you are looking for in the garage and never thought of selling it until they saw your Buy ad.

If your Ad does not come up in searches, it may have been automatically removed by the offensive language filter or removed due to violations to the Prohibited Items List.

Currently YourBlast accepts PayPal and Stripe . All payment information is provided directly to PayPal or Stripe, YourBlast doesn’t see or store any payment information provided to any of these payment gateways.

If your Ad does not come up in searches, it may have been automatically removed by the offensive language filter or removed due to violations to the Prohibited Items List.


All transactions on YourBlast are between the buyer and seller. Any refunds would have to be negotiated between the parties involved.

Any fees to promote an ad are non-refundable.

What’s a marketplace without communication? Our custom built messaging system brings you one of the best available messaging systems around, where you can chat regarding ads with other users while having messages smartly organized.

To chat with a Seller you have to Login first. To check your messages select the messaging icon

Promoting an Ad

Not to YourBlast. All payment on YourBlast is via PayPal or Stripe . YourBlast doesn’t see or store any information provided for payment such as Credit Card numbers or addresses.

Yes, there are several methods and options to promote your ad. Simply login, and on your dashboard view the ad that you would like to promote. Select the megaphone next to your ad to see all the promotion options available.


No, you don’t have to be logged in to report an offensive or illegal Ad.

We all have a role to play in keeping our communities honest and safe. To report an ad, go to the ad and select Report under Ad Action. A pop up will appear where the Reason can be described. Select Report to submit the form. YourBlast will review the report and take appropriate action.

Technical Issues

In the Ad submission page, check the right hand side option under “Ad Location & Contact”.

If the “Use address set in profile section” is checked and there is no address defined your profile, you will see this message.

You will also see this message if the option is not checked and you haven’t defined the ‘Precise Location’. If this is the case, where it reads “Precise Location”, begin to type the desired product location and then try resubmitting the ad.

To change your password, Login and go to account Dashboard; or select Visit Account icon on the header if already logged in. Select the profile icon image. Enter new Password and select Change Password.

To recover your Password, select Login or Submit Ad , followed by ‘Forgot Password?’ A Password recovery email will be sent to the email on file for the account.

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