What! An Invisible Fast Wireless  Charger. Can you believe it. It’s invisible.

You know this is must have and a great gift for family and friends.

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Discreetly charge your smartphone with the ENERQi Invisible Fast Wireless Charger. Offering a unique wireless charging experience, this device hides under the table so you can simply rest your device on top, turning any furniture into a fast wireless charging station. Compatible with more than 100 smartphones, this device works with the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Xr, Samsung S10, and many more. Offering fast 10W charging, ENERQi helps devices power up faster. Featuring a no-construction design, ENERQi attaches under any surface using its re-usable adhesive or screw mount. In addition, ENERQi charges through any non-metal surface, thick cases, and PopSockets up to 40mm thick. Moreover, the fast wireless charger provides auto smartphone detection keeping the charger in sleep mode if any metal, such as keys or coins, are detected. Thanks to the eco-cooling design, both the charger and smartphone stay cool during use.