EPS Recycling Foam Crusher

Foam crusher / grinder offer a solution to the problem of EPS foam disposal, which can reduce them to manageable sizes. Perfect for someone who has scrap EPS foam from protection cushions, post parcels and other fragile glass/ceramic ware transportation. This foam recycling crusher can crush the EPS blocks into small flakes of sizes from 15mm to 50mm.

Feature of EPS Recycling Foam Crusher:

  • Efficient foam crusher/grinder shreds foam into 5-50 mm size small pieces
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Lower dust generated in the finished milled product
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easily to operate
  • Optional pneumatic conveying system available

Company Name: Siedon Technology Co., Ltd

Global manager: Jossie Fang (Ms)

Call: +86-020-87566110

Email: info@siedontech.com

Web: http://eps-crusher.com