War Of The Gargantuas 1966 (aka Furankenshutain No Kaiju: Sanda Tai Gaira as the Japan title) is one of classic Japanese director’s, Ishiro Honda, masterpieces of giant monster madness and mayhem incarnate. A most deadly giant beast is terrorizing the seas and rural Japan, sinking ships, attacking unwary fishermen and people living in the country. Using a sophisticated space age ray super cannon, the Japan military almost kills the huge green monster before its even ;arger and enormous sized big brother the brown gargantua comes to his rescue. The two garganutas don’t agree on how to treat humans and their environment. This inevitably leads to the monster sized duo sibling rivalry of doom. Will Japan and the world survive the War Of The Gargantuas DVD?

NOTE: This movie has been researched and found to be in the public domain in the U.S. because the copyright has either expired and is no longer valid or the film was not copyrighted at all.   While all films listed have been remastered to play on high definition equipment, please expect imperfections due to age of source material.