Green tea Capsules🍃 

With the Corona virus we need a strong immune system💚

*One Green Tea Capsule is the equivalent of 7 cups of Green Tea🍃*

There is 30 capsules in a bottle you should have 2 capsules every week, the bottle will last for 3 months and 2 weeks 

If you knew the importance of Anti-Oxidants you wouldn’t think twice about increasing your intake. Take control of your health💚

🍃Health Green Tea capsules contains a highly concentrated extracts of catechins found in green tea🍃

💚 Speeds up metabolism

💚 Boosts immune system

💚 Helps belly fat

💚 Relieves stress

💚 Clearer skin

💚 Aids digestion 

💚 Energy Boost

♻️ A daily detox, which results in clearer skin and increased energy levels and healthier gut🍃

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