Spring sale , take advantage of the 30% discount and receive the complete set to decorate your case for eyes  glass Leather Case & Cell phone Leather Case, 100 % leather highest protection ,accessibility that goes with you everywhere. Eyes glas Case Size Height 6 in/15.3 cm Width 2.5 in/6.4cm Depth 1.25 in/3.0cm Cell Phone Case Size Heigth 6.5 in /16.5cm Width 3.0 in/7.5cm Depth 5 in/1.3cm .For men or woman.Magnetic closure. Comes with a bead necklace & embellishment (Additional embellishments available)Available March 4th to April 4 th 2020 ,free shipping , Discount price : $39.90 dlls. Visit our page in Facebook.

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