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Scarlet Macaws for sale

Greetings and greetings at Birdstarsaviary, where we keep the breeding and transport of the best birds as pets. We currently produce a variety of barnacles, African grays, cockatoos, barnacles and various bird species by hand. We have parrots and dolls for sale. We also offer other services such as grooming, boarding, parrot care, cages and incubators. We also supply parrot eggs. We provide after-sales support for all our customers. The following parrot eggs are available. Congo African Gray Eggs Solomon Islands Eclectus Eggs Palm Cockatoo Eggs Umbrella Cockatoo Eggs Black Palm Cockatoo Eggs Moluccan Cockatoo Eggs Hyacinth Macaw Eggs Surrounding Macaw Eggs Scarlet Macaw Eggs Eclectus Eggs. Contact us if the species you want is not on the list. We offer eggs with a treatment incubator, guide and CD for beginners. Our eggs were tested with candles with a 1: 1 hatching ratio. Welcome to our breeding house. please contact us for more information about our products.

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USD $1,800.00USD $1,550.00
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