GREENMAX ZEUS C300 is a foam densifier that can handle consumable polyethylene (EPE), EPS, XPS, PPS, etc. C300 has surface melting technology, which can melt the surface of these foam wastes and solve the problem of large volume. The compaction ratio of screw compactor C300 is 50: 1. It’s like turning marshmallows into stones. Therefore, it is much easier to store it in a warehouse or transport it to another place. In addition, the output of this compactor is 300kg / h, and the density of the compressed EPS & EPE is 200-400kg / m³.

In short, GREENMAX ZEUS C300 can provide us with recycling treatment to deal with foam waste in an environmentally friendly way.

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In addition to selling machines, GREENMAX also acquires EPS block / ingot, Welcome to ask for inquiry.

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