a fun way to honor our men and women who gave their all so we can sleep soundly.A red, white and blue bracelet with a twist!Glittery red stars, round white beads and blue cat’s eye beads.Red, white and blue cracked beads are interspersed throughout.”Red: Red stands for courage. Many men and women have had the courage to stand up and fight for our country. They have defended our country against our enemies and many have died in the service of our country.White: White stands for purity. Purity means to do what is right. We hope and pray that our country will always stand for what is right.Blue: Blue stands for justice. When we pledge allegiance to the flag, we end with the words: “With liberty and justice for all.” That means that in our country, everyone should be treated fairly and with respect.”The placement of the broad band signifies vigilance, perseverance & justice.The stripes on the flag represent the 13 states and thirteen white stars in a blue field representing a new constellation symbolized their union.These colors have the power to evoke our patriotic spirit and unify us as a country.There is a 2 inch extender chain.The silver is silver plated.A portion of the profits from this and all sales unless otherwise stated go to a fund to help people pay vet bills and keep their pet.