Hello everyone, welcome to the Parrots Then store. We are family owned and operated birds aviary were we breed, foster and rehabilitate over 30 species of parrots and other pets. We also have a wide collection of birds accessories(cage, toys, peaches and food) for sale in our birds store. We are happy to inform all birdie lovers that we have our first set of babies which are fully weaned and ready now for new homes. We have African grey, Blue and gold, Scarlet, Hyacinth, green winged, Amazon, Caique parrots now available. We raise only limited number of babies at a time which enables us to provide the necessary one on one attention and time they need. All our babies are tamed, healthy(vet checked) and well socialized thus making them friendly with children and other pets. Pickup is available here at our facility Cleveland Ohio and for clients who are unable to pickup a bird, we assist our clients with shipping and home deliveries over the USA and Canada. We ship via Delta shipping at First Class pet shipping agencies to transport our birds and delivery is at your doorsteps. If you are interested in adopting any of our birds, feel free to contact us for more details regarding cost, the adoption and rehoming procedures and we shall revert to you as soon as possible. If you ever get a chance to own one of these Beautiful Beauty’s I say do it, they are amazing.