Lot of Clothing Vintage 1950s-60s-70s-80s Other Dresses Coats Suits over 600+ pcs

It was hard to get better pictures as they are all on hangers and

I could not get between them to get better pictures.

There are many names, I cannot possibly name them, as I would have to take them down to get the names and I am not able to do that. I know there are some very good names and many of the pieces are have tags.

There are well over 600 pieces, it was impossible to count them all.

There are coats, dresses, blouses, skirts, suits, dress clothing, London Fog Coats,

Leslie Fay dresses, some Shadowline lingerie. There are a couple of wedding dresses.

Some nice heavy winter coats.

Mostly women’s, but some men’s as well.

They are mostly clean, but there could be some with stains or tears that I missed, since I could not get to every piece.

They will be very easy to move since they are on hangers.

Must see in person, not able to ship this item.