What Does the iTero Element 5D Do?

The iTero Element 5D scanner is an instrument that we use to take detailed, three-dimensional scans of patients’ teeth. It can thus play a huge role in helping us plan for Invisalign, crowns, and other procedures wherein we need to know the exact dimensions of teeth.

However, to say that the iTero Element 5D is just a digital impressions tool would be oversimplifying its abilities. It can also:

  • Use near-infrared imaging (NIRI) to scan the internal structure of teeth, which makes it easier than ever for us to detect interproximal (between the teeth) cavities.
  • Use real-time TimeLapse technology to help us compare how your teeth have changed over time.
  • Simulate the results of Invisalign treatment.
  • Function as an intraoral camera. It, therefore, allows us to easily examine parts of the oral cavity that are difficult to see without the aid of technology.

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