Unique piece of dot art with vibrant colours and a humming bird, comes ready to hang.Humming birds are one of the most extraordinary creatures seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy and I decided to incorporate them in my dot art. Hummingbird Paintings mostly represent overcoming a difficult situation. They are seemingly carefree and happy flight, remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. They often seem to appear out of nowhere, they remind us that joy is unpredictable and can often be just around the corner.With their long, thin beaks, hummingbirds can reach beyond the tough, untasty parts of a flower to find the sweet nectar within. In this way, they remind us to always be seeking out what’s good in life. Furthermore, because of their unique ability to fly backwards, sideways and hover up and down, they remind us to stay adaptable and to accept the reality of change with a happy heart.Lastly, did you know that hummingbirds alone have the ability to fly moving their wings in the pattern of an infinity symbol (the figure 8) In this way, they are a symbol of eternity, continuity and infinity.