GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier Mars series adopt hot-melt technology. The small Styrofoam pieces cut by the crusher will then heated to 190 degrees Fahrenheit which turns the Styrofoam into a soft pliable material that can be densified into a denser form at a ratio of 90:1

INTCO Recycling Supply Styrofoam densifier M-C100 for foam recycling and Buy Back Styrofoam Blocks.

Motor Power   22.9 kw / 30.6 hp

Production Capacity         100 kg per hour / 220 lbs per hour

Styrofoam Compression Ratio         90:1

Compressed STYROFOAM Density 600-800 kg/m3 / 1320-1750 lbs/cubic yard

Living Space bought one set of GREENMAX Mars large melting machine system, then ordered another two sets for their other locations.

Company Name: INTCO Recycling

Global manager: Lucy Shen (Mrs.

Phone: + 1 9095094388

Address: 805 Barrington Ave, Ontario, CA 91764