GREENMAX Foam Densifier ZEUS C300

Polyethylene Foam| Polystyrene Foam Densifier

Foam Densifier ZEUS C300 can prevent the compacted EPS, PE Foam, and other material from scattering. Foam densifier Z-C300 can also prevent the compacted material from loosening again. Foam Densifier C300 offers convenience for recyclers.

Applicable materials: EPS(Styrofoam), EPE(PE FOAM), EPP, XPS, and PSP, Food trays and cups



  • Throughput: 300kg/h
  • ·Production Capacity: 660lbs/h
  • ·Screw Reduction Ratio: 50:1
  • ·Compressed EPS&EPE Density: 200-400kg/m3
  • ·Total Power Consumption: 46.15kw