4moms 3D Baby Bouncer mamaRoo 4.0design: Classic Grey · 2022mamaRoo 4.0 imitates your movements! This adorable baby bouncer comes in a new design and with an improved control panel.

In the 4moms mamaRoo baby bouncer your child will feel super safe and comfortable right from the very first time. The bouncer features five unique movements: car driving, kangaroo, tree swing, cradle and waves – all these movements console your child in the same way as you as parents do.

The seat adjusts as required from a sitting position to a lying position and thus adapts perfectly to your little one’s needs. Hanging and twistable balls attract your child’s attention. A crinkly cloth, bell and mirror stimulate your little explorer’s senses.

Tip: A new-born insert supplies your child with extra support and comfort.

With the help of a mobile-app you can easily control the mamaRoo. In order to console your child, simply combine one of the five movements with one of the five speed levels. Give your baby a little treat with the help of the MP3-port that plays your favourite piece of music or else some of the natural sounds integrated.

You can choose from two different kinds of fabric: Multi Plush and Silver Plush come with a soft and velvety surface while Classic Grey and Classic Black feature a smooth and woven surface. The cover can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine easily.


Baby bouncer that imitates your movements

New design, improved control panel

Available in two different kinds of fabric

5 movements & 5 speed levels

4 natural sounds & MP3-port

Can be controlled via Mobile-App (iOS & Android)

Adjustable sitting and lying position

New-born insert (available as accessory)

Age suitability: from birth up to 9 kg or as soon as your child can sit unaided

Easy-to-remove, machine washable cover

Including adaptor

Size: L 84 x W 50 x H 65 cm

Weight: 6,6 kg